Thursday, September 30, 2004

uh oh... new poncho!

Lion Brand has a new poncho/capelet I'm loving!! The Town and Country one. Must go get Homespun so I can make it. I love the color Baroque.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Love birthday money!

I went crazy this weekend at the craft stores. I got the last 5 skeins of Autumn Red Simply Soft for our bedroom afghan(my mom was mad, she wanted that color too! LOL oh well) . A craft bag for $4 at AC Moore for my yarn crafts. One pair of circular knitting needles (don't like em... gonna go buy some straight ones later today). A small book from Walmart on how to knit, and some cool patterns... put out by Lion Brand. Some more yarn to finish my poncho (which i finished last night, just have to do the fringe). A couple bamboo crochet hooks. A couple skeins of Homespun for a new scarf for hubby. And I bought some small crochet hooks and some thread so I can try thread crocheting. My moms going to send me a table runner pattern.
I'm teaching myself to knit now. I got the knit and purl down, now I have to practice making patterns like ribbing and stuff. I see so many patterns I love and they turn out to be knitted. So I decided I have to learn that too! I love the cable knit ponchos, I'm trying to find a pattern for it. If anyone has any, let me know. :) Thanks.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hiawatha Poncho

I started this last night since I got my yarn in the mail yesterday. Not sure I'm crazy about the color (Taupe Reynolds Lopi) but maybe once it's all done it will look nice. I'm using off white and burgundy to weave into it (to match my new favorite shoes!).
I've been slacking with the pics lately, but I'll try to take and post some tonight.
I'm still waiting for my yarn to finish my Celebrity Shawl and my plastic crochet hooks. I love Herrschners, but their shipping times really stink! I've already received 2 packages from things that I ordered elsewhere DAYS AFTER I ordered from Herrschners. I had to cancel a shipment with them once since they were taking WEEKS to ship it.
And I'm mad at my wax distributor, they sent me the wrong wax! grrrrr I want to make my McIntosh Candles already!
And now I'm debating what yarn to make my asymmetrical poncho out of. Mohair? Boucle? Acrylic? And what color? I may do a black first. See how it comes out.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Love ebay!!

I just bought some yarn, Reynolds Lopi, so I can start on my Hiawatha Poncho. I can't wait to get it. Wow, i'm going to be racing home everyday just to get the mail. I've ordered so much stuff in the last few days.
I'm signing off for the weekend. Sunday is my birthday, and I think there's a whole weekend of activities planned... (or not, DH won't tell me). We are going to see "The Producers" tonight, so that should be fun!!! YAY!! I'll be sure to take pics of the hats I made and post them by Monday.
Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Didn't buy anything at Michaels or Joanns last night. They have a very poor selection of yarn. It may be better in your areas, but our stores stink. They didn't even have the wood sleighs I needed. I have to go back to Treasure Island. Best so far. Maybe take a trip out to Smileys soon too! I really want to go there.
I can't believe Herrschners sells the Red Heart Super Saver for more than Michaels and Joanns. I thought Herrschners was discounted. I guess only on some things.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


double post. Didn't mean to do that.

My new hat

I did the X's and O's hat last night, and I LOVE IT!!!! It looks so cute on me if I do say so myself. I have so much of this yarn (and it was Homespun Regency, not whatever I said before) I'm just going to keep making hats. I'll give my stepmother her choice of hats. I already have a scarf made out of it, but it's getting a bit fuzzy. I had made a hat last year but it disappeared. I'll make sure I post a pic later, and I'll take pics of it on my head.

I'm on my way to Michaels later to maybe get some Red Heart Super Saver yarn on sale.

My husband gave me a good talking to about my hesitance to do the craft show. He told me not to be so hard on myself and having your own business CAN be stressful sometimes. So I'm going to try and psych myself into doing some painting soon. I have to get some surfaces from Michaels and I'm just afraid of not doing a good job or no one liking anything I do. But I'll try and get past that. I'll post pics as I get some things done. I also got some nice fragrances from this website for my candlemaking. Figured I can sell some candles at this thing too. I just bought Hydrangea (Yankee type, my favorite smell), Warm Vanilla Sugar (B&BW type), Lavender Vanilla, and Pink Sugar (hear it's the new hot fragrance now). We'll see how good their stuff smells before I buy more. And I just bought some more wax. Ahhh I love being able to shop and convince DH that I NEED this stuff for my business. HEHE!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Frogging away

I just started making the Reverse Crochet hat from Lion Brands site, and it's just a pain in the butt, so I frogged it. Reverse sc-ing in front loop hurts my hands. So looks like I'll just make another of the one I posted before, or Dot's X's and O's hat. (I plan on making that one anyway.) I'll give my stepmom a choice of hats since the one I made might be too small for her (I have a small head).
Oooooo I have to try and make mittens! I love mittens! Add that to my list of things to do.
And thanks for all the compliments on my shawl. :)

Monday, September 13, 2004

Almost done

I'm pretty much finished with my Celebrity Shawl. I just ran out of yarn for the LAST bit of fringe! That's ok, i had ordered more just in case since it's discontinued yarn. (I'll sell the extra on ebay or something). I'll get a pic up later on. I may also do new fringe, and make it longer. Not sure I like the short fringe.
Check out my buttons... I'm going to make more using my work as backgrounds. I'd like to use my wedding bouquet as background too.. that would be pretty. I'm just learning how to use Paintshop so bear with me.

Here's the shawl.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I have my work cut out for me....

I painted these wine glasses for my sister in laws bosses wedding present. Well this woman there went crazy over them and is insisting that I do a private craft show with her friends (who are quite rich I've heard). So I have to paint some samples. Not sure when I should have the show because a lot of it will probably be Christmas stuff, so I have to give myself time to get every order done before then. At first I was hesitant, because I'm not very confident with my work, but I decided what the heck. She wouldn't let it drop with my sis in law. Now I have to buy some more surfaces. (I'm still not quite sure I want to do it)
I'm almost done with my Celebrity Shawl. I'll be sure to put up a pic when it's done. I have to pick a design for the bedroom afghan I want to do. Unfortunately I've been banned from buying anything before my birthday (one more week), since I will probably get gift certificates (I always ask for Michaels, but I may want an ACMoore one for when I visit my mom).

You are Merino Wool.
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What kind of yarn are you?
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Friday, September 10, 2004

The pics I promised

Here's the hat. Lion Brand Homespun

And here is my Debbie Bliss yarn I got on sale. In olive... i'm making the Celebrity Shawl with it. And here is the progress of the shawl.

One more thing done

I finished my stepmothers hat. I'll take some pics later to show.
I'm so bad, I just bought some new crochet hooks. I had to get more yarn just to make sure I had enough for my shawl (it's discontinued yarn and colors are disappearing), so I figured to make most of the shipping cost I can get hooks. I got the plastic Susan Bates 9 hook set. It was only $8 or so. Not bad if you ask me.
I just arranged all my patterns in a looseleaf. I had been printing all these patterns off the web and they've been scattered all over the place. So i punched holes in them at work, and put them in a looseleaf that already had some crochet booklets in them. I put tabbed dividers in, like "Clothing", "Afghans", "Accessories", etc. Yes, I'm a VERY organized person. Sometimes almost "Monica" like. Hey, someone in my house has to be!! hehe

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Decisions Decisions

I'm trying to pick a color to do Stitch Divas new Hiawatha Poncho. I've narrowed it down to Reynolds Lopi, but don't know what color to pick. Oatmeal or wheat heather maybe... I've noticed I can't find the Taupe Heather (sold at a certain yarn site) anywhere else... which makes me think they made that name up so you don't go elsewhere to find it. ("Oh, i can't find it anywhere, guess i'll buy it here")
YAY i got my yarn today... I'll post a pic later. I'm making the Celebrity Shawl out of it.
I thought I'd post a pic of our wedding favors i made. Painted flower pots with wildflower seed packets. And glued a bow around each one.

I made another blog where I can just complain or talk about life. I'll keep this one mainly craft stuff. The link is over there in the sidebar. --->
I'll be back with more pics later.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Guilty Pleasures

Some things that make me happy, but am mocked for liking:
The Real World (Philly tonight!!)
Ashlee Simpson
Teen movies (in the 80's it was cool, now I'm just a dork lol)
i know there's more... let me think.

What are yours?

Fall is coming!

I love Autumn! I know it hasn't officially begun, but once September comes I consider it fall. I went through my first fall metamorphasis. I dyed my hair! Natural Instincts Cinnaberry. I love being a redhead. For the fall I either pick dark brown or auburn colors for my hair. And only temporary dyes since I can't be bothered with roots.

*sigh* I can't stand the people i work with. They're annoying me with their stupidity. Help me get out of here!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day!

I can't wait to get my yarn already so I can start Stitch Divas shawl!! I guess I should concentrate on finishing this afghan first. I just bought her new fall poncho. Now i have to find yarn for it.
I'm watching "St. Elmos Fire" right now. I used to LOVE this movie! I had such a crush on Judd Nelson and Andrew McCarthy. I have quirky taste.
So what is everyone doing this weekend? I just got back from PA last night. Had a family bbq with stepmoms side of family.
Still haven't found jobs in VA yet. My husband and I are looking to move since it is waaaaaay too expensive to live in NY. We would never be able to buy a house. So we've been applying for jobs but have had no luck. I want to move already so we can be one step closer to having kids. hehe

Here's a "Warm and Wonderful" afghan i'm making now. I'm about 70 rows into it. I'll post again when it's finished. Caron Simply Soft in Light Country blue.
current project Posted by Hello

afghan closeup Posted by Hello

afghan Posted by Hello
Here's an afghan i made a year or so ago. Red Heart Soft (country rose or something like that)

shawl Posted by Hello
Here's my version of the shawl from "Along came Polly". Just a basic honeycomb stitch. I may add more fringe to it... not sure yet.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Welcome to my blog.

This is my first time using one of these so bear with me. I'll try not to bore you too much.
A little introduction--
My name is Tracy, I'll be 29 in a couple weeks. Just got married in May.
I have a few hobbies:
One Stroke painting, Candlemaking, Crochet, Decoupage. I'm also a movie and music addict.
I'll post some pics of my projects here and there.
Right now i'm working on a shawl similar to the one Jennifer Aniston wore in "Along came Polly" in Wine Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn. Then I plan on doing Stitch-Divas Celebrity Shawl in Olive Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran. (
That's all for now. Let me go get those pictures ready.

Latest Painted craft

I made these for my mom's wedding last month. They were painted votive holders filled with Cool Citrus Basil candle (that i made) and an extra votive (that i made too) stuck on top. Then i put them in these nice pink bags. I'll get a pic of the other angle too, because i painted one open rose and two rosebuds with leaves and babys breath on them.
Mom's favor Posted by Hello