Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Decisions Decisions

I'm trying to pick a color to do Stitch Divas new Hiawatha Poncho. I've narrowed it down to Reynolds Lopi, but don't know what color to pick. Oatmeal or wheat heather maybe... I've noticed I can't find the Taupe Heather (sold at a certain yarn site) anywhere else... which makes me think they made that name up so you don't go elsewhere to find it. ("Oh, i can't find it anywhere, guess i'll buy it here")
YAY i got my yarn today... I'll post a pic later. I'm making the Celebrity Shawl out of it.
I thought I'd post a pic of our wedding favors i made. Painted flower pots with wildflower seed packets. And glued a bow around each one.

I made another blog where I can just complain or talk about life. I'll keep this one mainly craft stuff. The link is over there in the sidebar. --->
I'll be back with more pics later.



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