Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day!

I can't wait to get my yarn already so I can start Stitch Divas shawl!! I guess I should concentrate on finishing this afghan first. I just bought her new fall poncho. Now i have to find yarn for it.
I'm watching "St. Elmos Fire" right now. I used to LOVE this movie! I had such a crush on Judd Nelson and Andrew McCarthy. I have quirky taste.
So what is everyone doing this weekend? I just got back from PA last night. Had a family bbq with stepmoms side of family.
Still haven't found jobs in VA yet. My husband and I are looking to move since it is waaaaaay too expensive to live in NY. We would never be able to buy a house. So we've been applying for jobs but have had no luck. I want to move already so we can be one step closer to having kids. hehe


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