Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Rebekah

Sorry I haven't really had time to post lately with the new baby. I forgot to make the announcement here.

Rebekah Loren was born November 20th. She was 6lbs 11ozs and 18 3/4 inches. She is doing great. And she is the best baby ever. :) Let me know if you want to see pics. I just don't want to post the link to our album for the whole world to see. I'll just post a couple here for now. These are pretty recent.


My name there is TracyMR. Feel free to add me as a friend. I just started really using that site, and I can tell I'll be spending a lot of time there.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Continuing Bamboo Tunic

Oh, I think I forgot to update with my c-section date-- November 20th. So I may be in the hospital for Thanksgiving. DH plans on bringing some food in. :) How sweet. I think we're going to have everyone visiting for the birth. YIKES! But I think they are all staying at hotels, which is good.

I had another sono yesterday, and I still have the previa, but it is marginal now. Still partially covering the cervix, but not as much. Still probably have to have the c-section, and I'm still at a risk for bleeding. But it's still better progress. I'll probably stop working on November 2nd. That will give me 2 weeks to relax before I go to the hospital. Plus I can't wait to get out of here. I overheard the President calling me "dead weight" to his assistant yesterday, among other nasty comments. That was pleasant. What does he know... he comes in twice a week and for only a few hours at a time. He has no idea what I do. Wait until I leave... he'll realize how good they had it here. I did let his assistant know I heard, even though she denied he was talking about me. Ok, who else in the company is due in November?? None that I know of! Asshole!!

I took some pics with my phone just to give you pics of some sort. I had finished the back, and now I'm working on the front.

It's in Berroco Bonsai-- in the green color. I forget the name. Look it up. :P

I subscribe to Knitting Daily through Interweave Knits. And they have been polling about UFO's (UnFinished Objects) lately. They were asking how many objects you have, and why are they unfinished. I have quite a few and for different reasons.

1. I have a cardigan (Ribbi Cardi from ChicKnits) that I haven't finished because I was hit with the second sleeve syndrome. That's before I started working both sleeves at the same time. Then I had lost the directions, and I'd have to pay to get them back. No thanks. I just found the instructions while cleaning out our den. So I may finally finish it.

2. Poncho from StitchDiva. I just got bored with it, it was so repetitve and I realized I didn't like the shape of it. It was too stiff.

3. Cable sweater from LionBrand. I didn't understand the pattern for the sleeves. This was one of my first sweaters, so maybe I can understand the instructions now.

4. Crocheted afghan. Just got bored with it.

5. Baby knit afghan. Decided to finish some other things first.

6. The current Bonsai Tunic I am working on. I got pregnant, so I figured I couldn't wear it for awhile anyway. But I will finish it very soon. I am working on it right now.

7. Tempted Sweater from I think it was also too repetitive. I was almost finished too, but I got bored going around in circles in stockinette stitch forever. Maybe I'll finish that some day.

I think that may be it.
So what are your UFO's and why are they UFO's.

I'll try to take more pics this weekend.
We're going to a Renn Faire in Maryland this weekend. That should be fun. We're going with our friends Jen and Steve. I'll try and take some fun pics from that too. I've never been to one. This one goes for a few months on the weekends and this is the last weekend of the year. I hope they have benches. I can't walk all that much. But I'm looking forward to the food!! :) No, I'm not dressing up.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Alone time?

Ahh DH is supposed to go to a friends to watch the Giant game tonight. Hmmm what to do with my alone time? Maybe I'll do some knitting. I have quite a few projects I need to finish, I don't think I've even listed them all.
  • Icarus Shawl
  • a baby blanket
  • Bamboo Tunic (from IK, is that the name?) I have the front to do.
  • a bonnet to go with baby sweater I made (5 hour baby sweater)
  • a crocheted blanket (thats taking FOREVER. I get bored doing it)

I think that may be it. I want to at least finish the shawl and tunic before I start the Tilted Duster.

Maybe I'll also take some pics of stuff tonight.

5 weeks to go!!! YAY!!! And only 3 more weeks of work left (or 4 if I'm feeling generous, but I probably won't).

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ever heard of GOOGLE??

I need to get this out. I belong to a few message boards... one is a Long Island based one, where I'm from (sorta). It annoys the crap out of me when I see posts like "Where is a fabric place?". First of all... where are you?? Where are you looking?? Secondly.... GOOGLE IT!!! Go to Google, bring up the maps, and find a fabric place near the location you are looking. How freakin hard is that??
Why do people want everyone else to do the work for them? Any type of question that could be answered with a "google" should be banned. You should be banished from the site for wasting peoples time!! If you are looking for an opinion on a fabric place... fine. But if I am able to google the answer for you, then you are just a moron and should be punished!!!

Thank you!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Home Stretch

I think Wednesday I will find out when my scheduled c-section will be. I have to have one because of my complete placenta previa. About a month or so ago I had a little scare. I started bleeding in the middle of the night, so we went to the hospital. I stopped bleeding by the time we got there, but they monitored me in Labor & Delivery for a few hours. I was having contractions but wasn't feeling them. So the docs said if I bleed again I could either stay in the hospital or be put on bed rest. In the meantime, I am not allowed to travel, which means we had to cancel my NY shower. :( But a friend of mine is having one here for me next month, and we'll just have the NY one after the baby is born. But I am just ordered to take it easy, and not to lift more than 20 lbs or do strenuous exercise.

We worked on the nursery this weekend. We painted and put together the crib and a dresser. There was a damaged piece on the changing table, so we are waiting for a replacement piece. The pic makes our walls look a bit more pea green than it really is. No flash will do that. It's more of a sage color. It looks really nice with the furniture (which is cherry) and the bedding (which my mom still has, but I have some swatches). Coming along nicely.

Knitting update::

I am still working on my Icarus scarf. I need to finish that soon. I was thinking I could use it as a breastfeeding cover up. We'll see. I also did a baby sweater which I need to take a pic of. I'll try to do that tomorrow.

I really really want to do the Tilted Duster from IK. I think I'm going to splurge, while I can, and get the Peruvia yarn. Not sure what color to do though. I'm thinking Travertino, which looks orange in some pics. I can't decide. The Purpura is sold out on many sites. Maybe a green like Sea Turtle, or Dragon. Ugh, I can't decide. HELP!!! And a certain ebayer is very unhelpful in letting me know if the Travertino is close to rust or not. She says look at the Berroco website. Gee, I should have thought of that!!! Of course I looked there, but the pic is too small and it's hard to tell what color it is. I may have to venture to my LYS to check it out in person.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Latest doc visit

From my last appointment I knew that I had placenta previa. But the technician didn't really go into it. Well at my last visit, Aug 3rd, my doc told me it is COMPLETE placenta previa, which means the placenta is completely covering the cervix. I will get another ultrasound at week 28 to see if it moves. If it does not move, then I will need a c-section at week 37 or 38. And if I have any complications, like bleeding or contractions, I will have to go on bed rest and possibly even take meds to help the baby's lungs develop faster. And from what my doc and aunt (who is a nurse practitioner) tells me, is that with complete previa, there is a very slim chance that it will move. So right now I am expecting to have a Thanksgiving baby (or the week after). Kinda sucks. I was actually looking forward to labor, just to have the experience, but it's out of my control. As long as we are both healthy, they can do whatever they want to my body. lol

On top of that, I've been getting really bad pelvic pain. Like a pulled muscle on my pubic bone. So I did some research and figured it was just ligament pain. Even my doc said so. Then I started doing some MORE research last night, and came up with something that is pretty much the pelvic bones detaching due to the cartilage breaking down from hormones. So I thought, well, maybe. Then it just hit me this morning... my pelvis is ALREADY separated. Awhile back when I was in a car accident, my chiropractor said that I had a separated pelvis and it was a bit crooked. I totally forgot all about that. Well, there isn't much I can do about it. I just may have to wear a support belt later on to keep the baby pressure off my pelvis, and to prevent pre term labor. But the pain is SOOOO bad when I turn over in bed, or get up from sitting too long, things like that. OY!!! I'm falling apart. I'm waiting for the back pain that my chiropractor warned me about too. I have back issues from the accident too. Fun fun fun!

Next visit is Aug 29th, and I get to have my glucose tolerance test. Hopefully I'll pass that because I can't deal with another issue right now!

I guess we need to step up the nursery progress. I'm just worried I won't be able to go to my NY shower in October. Let's hope bed rest isn't necessary!!! :(

Saturday, July 14, 2007

And we're having.....

A GIRL!!! (sorry I've been preoccupied).

I get to have another sono at the end of my second trimester because I have placenta previa. Which is when the placenta covers the cervix. It will usually move on it's own, but if it doesn't then I will need a c-section before I go into labor. I'm not worried about it. Whatever happens, happens. As long as the baby is healthy.
And so far everything is looking good. Once I scan some pics, I'll post em. I'm told she has my profile. We got lots of pics from the radiologist, pretty cool!
Now to pick out some cute clothes. :)