Friday, October 19, 2007

Continuing Bamboo Tunic

Oh, I think I forgot to update with my c-section date-- November 20th. So I may be in the hospital for Thanksgiving. DH plans on bringing some food in. :) How sweet. I think we're going to have everyone visiting for the birth. YIKES! But I think they are all staying at hotels, which is good.

I had another sono yesterday, and I still have the previa, but it is marginal now. Still partially covering the cervix, but not as much. Still probably have to have the c-section, and I'm still at a risk for bleeding. But it's still better progress. I'll probably stop working on November 2nd. That will give me 2 weeks to relax before I go to the hospital. Plus I can't wait to get out of here. I overheard the President calling me "dead weight" to his assistant yesterday, among other nasty comments. That was pleasant. What does he know... he comes in twice a week and for only a few hours at a time. He has no idea what I do. Wait until I leave... he'll realize how good they had it here. I did let his assistant know I heard, even though she denied he was talking about me. Ok, who else in the company is due in November?? None that I know of! Asshole!!

I took some pics with my phone just to give you pics of some sort. I had finished the back, and now I'm working on the front.

It's in Berroco Bonsai-- in the green color. I forget the name. Look it up. :P

I subscribe to Knitting Daily through Interweave Knits. And they have been polling about UFO's (UnFinished Objects) lately. They were asking how many objects you have, and why are they unfinished. I have quite a few and for different reasons.

1. I have a cardigan (Ribbi Cardi from ChicKnits) that I haven't finished because I was hit with the second sleeve syndrome. That's before I started working both sleeves at the same time. Then I had lost the directions, and I'd have to pay to get them back. No thanks. I just found the instructions while cleaning out our den. So I may finally finish it.

2. Poncho from StitchDiva. I just got bored with it, it was so repetitve and I realized I didn't like the shape of it. It was too stiff.

3. Cable sweater from LionBrand. I didn't understand the pattern for the sleeves. This was one of my first sweaters, so maybe I can understand the instructions now.

4. Crocheted afghan. Just got bored with it.

5. Baby knit afghan. Decided to finish some other things first.

6. The current Bonsai Tunic I am working on. I got pregnant, so I figured I couldn't wear it for awhile anyway. But I will finish it very soon. I am working on it right now.

7. Tempted Sweater from I think it was also too repetitive. I was almost finished too, but I got bored going around in circles in stockinette stitch forever. Maybe I'll finish that some day.

I think that may be it.
So what are your UFO's and why are they UFO's.

I'll try to take more pics this weekend.
We're going to a Renn Faire in Maryland this weekend. That should be fun. We're going with our friends Jen and Steve. I'll try and take some fun pics from that too. I've never been to one. This one goes for a few months on the weekends and this is the last weekend of the year. I hope they have benches. I can't walk all that much. But I'm looking forward to the food!! :) No, I'm not dressing up.


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