Friday, September 29, 2006

New Hair

I dyed my hair the other day since I was feeling blah. My hair is growing out from a short haircut and i'm not liking it at the moment. I need a trim. So I dyed it an auburn color. L'oreal Colorspa Auburn (don't remember what number it was). So I'm a redhead now. YEAH!! I got so many compliments at work too. I have sort of hazel eyes (med brown with some green in it... is that considered hazel?) so they look nice with red hair. I'll try to take a pic to show what the color looks like. I'll take it in the light.

There is also a wine festival tomorrow that we may try to hit after the Oktoberfest. Busy day tomorrow.

I have a splitting headache now, so I'm gonna go. I hope to buy some fabric for curtains on Sunday. I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.

So we've moved. The new apartment is great.

No baby yet. :( If it doesn't work this month, I'll have to make an RE appointment.

I had another birthday. Bleh!! 31 now. DH got me flowers, Bob tickets, and a sewing machine table that i wanted from Walmart. (see next paragraph for more on that) Then for dinner we went to a local crab place and had all you can eat crabs. It was amazing!!! We were going to do an overnight in Annapolis and get crabs there, but I figured why waste the money when I need fall clothes. So we went to the outlets for the day and had a shopping spree. DH got a couple things too, so it worked out for everyone.

I've picked up another craft!! For awhile now I've been wanting a sewing machine. I'm tired of paying $10 a leg to get pants hemmed. And I don't see any curtains or pillows I like in the stores. So I had a Sears gift card, my grandma sent me one, and my mom gave me an old one she had, and I just had to kick in a little money. I was going to get the cheapest Kenmore on the website ($89) but they had a better one on clearance for $5 more. YAY! So far I've made us pillows for the living room. Ahhhhh matching pillows are nice. For the longest time we've had one beige, one green and one red throw pillow. Yuck! The virgo in me was going nuts. I'll post pics once I take a few. And then my next project was an apron. Made a couple boo-boos but nothing major. My lines are getting straighter and straighter. I want to make a Halloween costume but I don't know if I have time for that and I don't know what to be. I'm going to make another apron for my mother-in-laws birthday gift (DH's idea). So I'll get a bit more practice before I start on our curtains.

This Saturday should be fun. We're going to Oktoberfest in Lovettsville, VA for the day. And then we're seeing Bob Schneider at Jammin Java at night. DH got me the tickets as part of my birthday gift.

Trying to think if anything else is new. Eh, not much. I'd love to find a new job, but I may try to get some certs first. Looking to get a Network+ and Security+ certs to begin with. Then eventually get into computer forensics, if I decide I like security.