Saturday, July 14, 2007

And we're having.....

A GIRL!!! (sorry I've been preoccupied).

I get to have another sono at the end of my second trimester because I have placenta previa. Which is when the placenta covers the cervix. It will usually move on it's own, but if it doesn't then I will need a c-section before I go into labor. I'm not worried about it. Whatever happens, happens. As long as the baby is healthy.
And so far everything is looking good. Once I scan some pics, I'll post em. I'm told she has my profile. We got lots of pics from the radiologist, pretty cool!
Now to pick out some cute clothes. :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

(why can't I make a title? hmmm)

Thank you Kelly. It takes someone to post for me to remember I have this silly blog. And it's funny, because I was just thinking about posting last night, but then I forgot to do it. But it was in my mind, then I get a message from "Kelly the Crafty Cat". :)

Well I have some huge news!! We are pregnant! It worked with my first round of Clomid. I will be 19 weeks tomorrow. I have been feeling good. No morning sickness, except for mild nausea here and there in the beginning. For about a week I've been feeling the little one moving around. Not enough to feel from the outside, but I can feel it. It's like gas bubbles. Tomorrow we go for our first ultrasound, and we WILL be finding out the sex. I am a planner, and I want gender specific bedding! :) I already know what I want if it's a girl, I told DH he can pick the boy bedding (within limits hehe.) I have to approve it. I want a more mature looking nursery, with warm colors instead of bright baby blues or bright pinks. So I will update tomorrow to let you know what we're having.

I know I shouldn't complain, but I need to gain more weight. I'm not really gaining enough, 3 pounds so far, because I've had a nasty stomach bug TWICE in the last month. I hope THAT stops! Once I think it was a virus, the second time I think it was some bad mussels. BLEH! So I need to start pigging out more... healthily of course.

And on the job front, I plan on finding something else after my maternity leave. The President here is not going to give me the position I want, so there is pretty much no reason for me to stay. I am doing too much Admin work, and that is not what I am. So I will be looking for another job during my leave.

And for school , I am taking a break until maybe next spring. I just can't concentrate on school right now. I did get an A and a B in my classes (Intro to Networking and Computer Programming Design). I only got the B because I just didn't want to do the last assignment because that's when I had the stomach virus and I was getting migraines. So I said F it... just take the B. I'll get A's from now on. :)

Now to catch up on all you peoples blogs. I really haven't been reading in the blog world much. But keep nagging me and I'll do it. Maybe if I can subscribe to your blogs I'll keep up. I'm just a forgetful person... or it may just be ADD.

I am starting a new project too. I am knitting a baby blanket in a Sunshine color, in a cotton yarn. I figured let our moms do the pink or blue ones, because I know I'll get a blanket from each of them. You can never have too many blankets. :)

Hopefully I'll remember to write tomorrow.
Thanks Kelly for thinking of me. :)
Off to catch up....