Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wow... last post Sept??

I can't believe it... was my last post really that long ago?? Yikes.

Well, I have to post all the things I have finished since Sept. I finished a

scarf from "Scarf Style" I forget the name, but it has leaves in it. I finished the Turtleneck from the patons book.

I just started "Icarus" shawl from the Summer '06 Interweave Knits. I had Shadow yarn from Knitpicks.com and didn't know what to make with it. So I searched and searched online, then I organized my magazines, and I found the Icarus pattern. I'm doing it in campfire. Sort of a burnt orange color.

Then I also got some Berroco Bonsai in the same green as the picture to do the Bonsai Tunic from the new Interweave Knits. I found a great deal on ebay, so I splurged and went for the good yarn. I usually get cheap yarn and substitute since the patterns usually use ridiculously expensive yarn (why the heck is that?? Can they do a "cheapo" edition of IK?).

Ohhhh I want to buy the magnetic chart keeper from knitpicks! It's only 9.99 and I've been doing a lot of patterns with charts lately and it's a pain to keep track of the rows. I usually use a post-it which then gets yucky, and doesn't look very pretty. I want the cool chart keeper!! :) It's the little things that make me happy.

Non- Knitting news:
I registered to go back to school!!! I'll be starting Strayer University in April. I'll be going for either a B.S. in Security Administration or Homeland Security Information Systems. Whichever one I pick as a major, the other will be the minor. Security Admin includes a Computer Forensics class which is what I am thinking of getting into. So I am excited and nervous about that. I'll be taking asynchronous online classes which means I can log in whenever is convenient for me. I am going to strive to be an A student! I need to get the hell out of this job. I am the sole help desk for this branch, but I also do the admin work for the VP. And I'm sick and tired of being a freakin secretary!!! I did not learn Unix and take SQL and A+ courses to be an admin!! But I need to stay here while I go to school, just for the fact that I have so much down time and can use that time to study and do my online stuff.

DH and I have gone for some testing. He's fine, my cd3 bloodwork is fine. So I just went for an HSG and that seemed fine. Now I go to Clomid next cycle if I don't get a BFP in a couple weeks from now. GRRR!

And if you ever think to go to FertilityFriend.com and pay for the VIP, DO NOT!!! They censor the boards and I'm pretty sure they read peoples PM's. They have been banning people left and right for no good reason! Do not waste your money!! They are evil!! :)

Crap, I changed my template, and I lost my sidebar info!!! I'm still half asleep... now I have to go and find all my friends that I linked to. BLEH!!!!

I bought DH XBox 360 for his birthday/xmas. It is freakin amazing!!! I had to get Lego Star Wars II and Viva Pinata so I could have something to play. I don't do war games or sports. I do like fighting games, so I want to rent Justice League to see if it's any good.