Monday, September 27, 2004

Love birthday money!

I went crazy this weekend at the craft stores. I got the last 5 skeins of Autumn Red Simply Soft for our bedroom afghan(my mom was mad, she wanted that color too! LOL oh well) . A craft bag for $4 at AC Moore for my yarn crafts. One pair of circular knitting needles (don't like em... gonna go buy some straight ones later today). A small book from Walmart on how to knit, and some cool patterns... put out by Lion Brand. Some more yarn to finish my poncho (which i finished last night, just have to do the fringe). A couple bamboo crochet hooks. A couple skeins of Homespun for a new scarf for hubby. And I bought some small crochet hooks and some thread so I can try thread crocheting. My moms going to send me a table runner pattern.
I'm teaching myself to knit now. I got the knit and purl down, now I have to practice making patterns like ribbing and stuff. I see so many patterns I love and they turn out to be knitted. So I decided I have to learn that too! I love the cable knit ponchos, I'm trying to find a pattern for it. If anyone has any, let me know. :) Thanks.


At 11:39 AM , Blogger Lady Wyntir said...

YAY! Birthday money is wonderful!

Happy Birthday!!I think i used that same red yarn for a scarf for my roommate. It's beautiful and feels so nice against the skin.

Good luck and what a wonderful find!


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