Friday, September 10, 2004

One more thing done

I finished my stepmothers hat. I'll take some pics later to show.
I'm so bad, I just bought some new crochet hooks. I had to get more yarn just to make sure I had enough for my shawl (it's discontinued yarn and colors are disappearing), so I figured to make most of the shipping cost I can get hooks. I got the plastic Susan Bates 9 hook set. It was only $8 or so. Not bad if you ask me.
I just arranged all my patterns in a looseleaf. I had been printing all these patterns off the web and they've been scattered all over the place. So i punched holes in them at work, and put them in a looseleaf that already had some crochet booklets in them. I put tabbed dividers in, like "Clothing", "Afghans", "Accessories", etc. Yes, I'm a VERY organized person. Sometimes almost "Monica" like. Hey, someone in my house has to be!! hehe


At 4:27 PM , Blogger Jennifa said...

I try to do organized. I always have great ideas to start with...just never seems to fully


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