Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My new hat

I did the X's and O's hat last night, and I LOVE IT!!!! It looks so cute on me if I do say so myself. I have so much of this yarn (and it was Homespun Regency, not whatever I said before) I'm just going to keep making hats. I'll give my stepmother her choice of hats. I already have a scarf made out of it, but it's getting a bit fuzzy. I had made a hat last year but it disappeared. I'll make sure I post a pic later, and I'll take pics of it on my head.

I'm on my way to Michaels later to maybe get some Red Heart Super Saver yarn on sale.

My husband gave me a good talking to about my hesitance to do the craft show. He told me not to be so hard on myself and having your own business CAN be stressful sometimes. So I'm going to try and psych myself into doing some painting soon. I have to get some surfaces from Michaels and I'm just afraid of not doing a good job or no one liking anything I do. But I'll try and get past that. I'll post pics as I get some things done. I also got some nice fragrances from this website for my candlemaking. Figured I can sell some candles at this thing too. I just bought Hydrangea (Yankee type, my favorite smell), Warm Vanilla Sugar (B&BW type), Lavender Vanilla, and Pink Sugar (hear it's the new hot fragrance now). We'll see how good their stuff smells before I buy more. And I just bought some more wax. Ahhh I love being able to shop and convince DH that I NEED this stuff for my business. HEHE!


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