Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hiawatha Poncho

I started this last night since I got my yarn in the mail yesterday. Not sure I'm crazy about the color (Taupe Reynolds Lopi) but maybe once it's all done it will look nice. I'm using off white and burgundy to weave into it (to match my new favorite shoes!).
I've been slacking with the pics lately, but I'll try to take and post some tonight.
I'm still waiting for my yarn to finish my Celebrity Shawl and my plastic crochet hooks. I love Herrschners, but their shipping times really stink! I've already received 2 packages from things that I ordered elsewhere DAYS AFTER I ordered from Herrschners. I had to cancel a shipment with them once since they were taking WEEKS to ship it.
And I'm mad at my wax distributor, they sent me the wrong wax! grrrrr I want to make my McIntosh Candles already!
And now I'm debating what yarn to make my asymmetrical poncho out of. Mohair? Boucle? Acrylic? And what color? I may do a black first. See how it comes out.


At 2:21 PM , Blogger Jennifa said...

MOHAIR! It would feel just lovely...but then again, it might shed...acrylic? lol. I'm indecisive.


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