Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy Holidays!

a little late.
Haven't written due to the busyness of this season.
Was almost done with my 'Tempting" sweater but didn't like how it came out. The gauge kept fluctuating and it was too loose for the most part. So I frogged it and started again. I'm almost done with it now and it looks so much better this time around. Hopefully it will be done by New Years. Now I wish I had picked the blue, since I couldn't finish it for Christmas. Eh, I'll just have to make another one for spring.
I did a few of the headbands I mentioned. They came out really nice and they are so fast and easy.
I'm finished with the front and back of my cable sweater I started a while back, now I'm doing the sleeves.
Didn't get any crafty stuff for Christmas, except a Rag Shop gift cert. I don't like the Rag Shop but my father in law is an idiot. He was supposed to get me an ACMoore cert, according to DH. Now I have to see if they sell good needles there or books, because they don't really have yarn I like. Maybe I can sell it on ebay and get money to go to AC Moore. hehe
I still have a B&N gift cert from my birthday. What knitting books should I get?? hmmmm I'd love to get a journal. And I may get the Vogue Knitting Quick Reference book.

I'll try and post pics once I take some.
I'll post more on the holidays in my other blog.


At 11:07 AM , Blogger PJ said...

Boy, your ARE late...hehe...I've missed your blog postings!Look forward to your pics!
I like your thought of seeling on Ebay just to have for craft money! You know I wish I could give you a couple of knitting book titles, but they are so many! How about the knit/purl series by Sally Melville? Good luck chosing and don't start a book addiction like I have!!

At 4:17 PM , Blogger mayflwr said...

hi there!
I reached your blog by googling "lotus blossom highland wool"..I'm in a little bit a predicament! I'm thinking I'll be a ball short in completing a cardi *sigh*. I think google said you ordered one to test the color? ( i can't seem to find it in your blog though) Do you still have it?..and if you do would ya be willing to sell it to me? just let me know! thanks! :)



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