Monday, November 22, 2004

Free patterns

Get yourself to ACMoore. The one by me had a free little booklet with Lion brand patterns. It had a really cute hat, a shrug, wrap, flower, and maybe something else. I bought some Lionbrand Wool Ease Chunky in Fisherman to make my first knitted sweater. I'm taking a risk and am trying a cable one from LB. The pattern called for Homespun but I don't like how it gets all fuzzy after wearing it a lot. So far it's coming out pretty nicely. I was having problems with one stitch (a Right Twist) because I didn't know what to knit on the wrong side. After making a few rows of boo boos and emailing LB, I found the correct way to do it. Just purl the wrong side. So the bottom few rows are wrong, but I really don't care. You can't really notice it TOO much, and it's just a bum around sweater anyway. I really didn't want to frog the whole thing. It was too much work.
If I really like it, I'll make a nicer one the right way. Plus I've been eyeing some sweaters from Patternworks and some from Debbie Bliss's new book (seven). So many projects, so little time!
I will TRY TRY TRY to post some pics when I get home tonight.
I also got another $4 bag from them. So now I have one for crochet projects and one for knit. :) Very happy.


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