Sunday, November 07, 2004

My craft show

It went pretty well. There were a couple people that couldn't make it. I was so mad I forgot my camera, so I stopped at a grocery store and bought a disposable one. A lot of the things that I thought would sell didn't. But I made about $200 so it was pretty good. And maybe I'll get some more customers word of mouth. I got a lot of good feedback and people saying I should open a store. That's my dream, to someday open a craft or craft consignment store. I took some custom orders that I have to fill. I mostly sold ornaments, candles (but not the jar candles, just votives and tarts), votive holders, a few painted plates, some boxes, and the hurricane in the pic I posted. Didn't sell the big items like the cake dome, cheese dome, oil bottles, wine caddy, mailbox or trifle bowl. Or the painted windows. That's ok though, because now I have a lot of items I can sell at craft fairs. I may look into doing one in December. I would always have to rush to paint stuff before a show, but now I have a lot done already. I'm going to take some better pics with my SLR camera and maybe make a sort of catalog. This way I can give it to people like my mother in law so she can bring it to work. Maybe even make a website at some point. Not sure ebay would be a good way to go since people usually look for bargains there. We'll see. I'll take some digital pics of the stuff that didn't sell and I'll post them later on.


At 11:55 AM , Blogger Lady Wyntir said...

so glad to hear it came out okay! ^__________^

I can't wait for the pictures!


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