Thursday, October 21, 2004

I TRIED to take pictures

But my battery needs to be recharged. So later on tonight I'll post pics of the blue blanket I FINALLY finished, and some glass items I painted. I have to try and do some more painting tonight. I figured I'd paint one of each item, each with a different design. Then I can give the option of custom painting the items with whatever pattern they choose. This way I don't have too many pieces wasted, and have to go out and buy more surfaces.
I had a problem with my warm vanilla sugar votives. The sides had black markings on it from the votive molds. I don't know why, I had cleaned them. No biggie. I just have to clean them better, and remelt the votives and try again. The tarts came out ok, so that's how I know it's not the batch of wax I used. Hmmmm, what scent should I make next?
My moms mad that I can knit. LOL My mom and I were talking about how we'd like to learn to knit. My mom was thinking of taking classes at the local AC Moore. I'm more of a do-it-yourselfer. I learned from reading the book. So I emailed her to tell her I can knit now. Now she says I have to teach her.


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