Friday, October 08, 2004

Another thing finished

I finished my Town and Country Poncho, just have to sew on the flower. I love this color. I have a whole skein and a half left over, so I can make myself yet ANOTHER scarf. I'm going to have a scarf for every outfit. I have one in Homespun Regency. Making another in Homespun...ummm... shoot i forgot the name of the color. And I'm knitting one in Wool Ease Wheat. And I'll probably make one in the Baroque color. I have to get myself a black winter coat so I can make any color scarf I want. Right now I have an olive color coat, so it can be tough finding pretty yarn that wouldn't clash. (Clashing could be a fashion statement, couldn't it? BAH to matching I say!)

I'm ALMOST done with my blue afghan, but one part of the border is really stumping me. I'm at the second to last round of it.

I think I should hold off on the ponchos right now. When I told my husband I was going to make the Town & Country one, he says "No more! We have no room!". LOL Silly man. I guess my two shawls and three ponchos will have to do. (Until I find a new pattern that I just HAVE TO make).

I'll take a pic of my town & country when the flower is put on it. I hope to wear it this weekend. We're going to Virginia for a 30th birthday party. It's chocolate themed!!! MMMMMM! Everyone has to bring their favorite chocolate dessert. I'm making "Chocolatey Raspberry Crumb bars " from Nestle (making them without nuts in case someone is allergic). My sister in law makes them and they are OH SO yummy. I love anything with chocolate and raspberry. I would have made my real favorite chocolate dessert, fudgy brownies with chocolate chips (or hershey kisses), NO NUTS, but I'm sure SOMEONE will bring brownies. I wanted to make something different.


At 10:05 PM , Blogger PJ said...

ok! I'm pulling this out that has nothing to do with today, but I was really 'taken' by your glass bowl with FISH on it (in your pictures) :)'s a silly that plain acrylic paint or is there special glass paint? (notice I'm a non-painter!) Give me quilting-knitting-crocheting, but painting? I'm intriqued! Love your 'other' blog too:):) Kind of NICE that you separate your crafts from the humdrum daily dread we all have. Crafts are what keep us sane and SHOULD be kept separate from any political or otherwise touchy stuff! Crafting is too peaceful....
AH, Chocolate! Gee, I feel the baking urge for tomorrow! ...and your husband? Well, tell him when he's on the couch it will be nice to stay warm with your afghans while watching tv :)

At 9:25 AM , Blogger Tracy said...

The paint I use on glass is Folk Art Enamels. You paint it on then bake it to have it set. Or just let it sit for 21 days.
Thanks for the compliments. :)


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