Thursday, November 04, 2004

Town and Country poncho or capelet.. whatever

I was in Michaels getting some more ornaments last week, and I was wearing my poncho. This woman came up to me and asked me if I made it and she said she loved it. She was obviously a crocheter so we were talking about where I got the pattern, if it was easy, what stitch and so on. It made me happy that someone liked it. :) It's funny, I can also tell which ponchos out there are homemade. I saw a young girl wearing what looked like the fun fur trimmed one from Lionbrand. It looked really cute.


At 11:52 AM , Blogger Lady Wyntir said...

congrats for the recognition!

How did the fair go?

At 12:05 PM , Blogger Tracy said...

The show is tomorrow. EEEK! I'll let you know how it goes. I plan on taking lots of pics tonight and tomorrow. :)


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