Thursday, October 21, 2004

Pics! YAY!

The two following are vinegar bottles:

This is a wine caddy, put it on a bottle neck and put glasses in the two small notches:

A stool I did for a friends baby (I didn't take a finished pic, DUMMY!):


A box- the top will be lemons:

My blanket edge:

"Pink Sugar" type candle:

Red afghan:

My crafting corner in the den:


At 11:49 AM , Blogger PJ said...

OH Tracy! Painting, crocheting, candle making! Everything is absolutely beautiful....and then a pic of your studio! You know, I once thought I could write a book called, "Studios" It would highlight various crafters area that they work in! Am I the only one that absolutely adores seeing where people work? Seeing all their materials and's just so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your private place where your ideas come alive!

At 3:00 PM , Blogger Lady Wyntir said...

Tracey! That's beautiful work. How wonderful it must be to have a corner for all your tools! My yarn and papers/patterns/hooks are all over the house... hee hee

But... one day, when our roommate moves out i'll have a room too! ^___^

The vinegar bottles are beautiful! Everything is! Keep up the creative work. :D

At 7:02 PM , Blogger shells said...

Cute stuff!
And what a great crafting room, I'm jealous!

At 11:38 PM , Blogger Rebecca said...

and she paints too! fabulous! wow! really, anyone that can paint gets my admiration (and jealousy) really nice stuff. love, the vinegar bottles.... will you email me about them? if you sell.... i just may buy one for a friend whose kitchen is in grapes :)


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