Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Hubbys gonna kill me. Eh, what he doesn't know won't hurt him. :) They just had this yarn released at elann (some Gjestal Naturgarn) which is the same as UpCountry pretty much. And it's cheaper. Well, there are a few things I want to make with that yarn, and I saw that one of the pretty blues was selling out QUICK, so I had to grab a bunch for a turtleneck I want to make (eventually). And I had to get some Peruvian wool for my Knitty Cardi (chicknits)I want to make. I'm doing it in a Sand for the sleeves and some blue that I forgot the name of (which is sold out). That kind of yarn is selling out fast too, so I had to get some while it lasts. How often do they get this yarn? Is it there all the time? There is even more I want to get, but I have to pace myself. But if I see the color I want starting to disappear, I will go ahead and buy some. I also got myself a couple casein needles just to see what it's all about. They were cheap and I needed that size for the cardi.
I'm off to ACMoore later today to see how much their sort of version of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran costs. I want to make the 'Tempting' sweater from knitty. for the holidays. Maybe a red with white ribbon? DH said Red with green ribbon, but that's a little TOO Christmasy. Don't want to look like an elf. I'm also getting MIL a gift cert from there. She's gotten into knitting again recently.
I wanted to go see the Long Island Choral Society do Handel's Messiah this Sunday, but not sure I can make it. We may be going out for my dad's birthday. But that won't be till after 6, so I have to see how long the Messiah is. My mom used to sing in the Choral Society when she lived in NY. Even DH was going to go with me, and he's Jewish. Then he was upset that it wasn't on Christmas eve. He said we should go somewhere to sing songs on xmas eve... how funny is that? A Jew wants to go to church on Christmas eve. Eh, he's a bad Jew anyway. I had to light the electric menorah last night since he was dozing on the couch. He never got to light the real candle one we have. Maybe tonight he'll stay awake. We got our tree on Saturday, and decorated it Sat. night. He gets as excited as I do over that. And I bought a Christmas Cactus too. It was so cute, so I had to have one. And it was on sale. I'll take a pic of it later. Maybe I should name it Audrey II. :) hehe I was watching that movie this weekend. I love it.


At 6:17 PM , Blogger Madame Rubies said...

My friend, Janet, is making that sweater, Tempting. It is very pretty and I agree about not doing a green ribbon. LOL.

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