Thursday, December 09, 2004

Found new LYS!!

I'll give you the long version.
I realized last night, after coming back from ACMoore with some of their brand of Cashmerino for the 'Tempting' sweater, that I didn't have the right needle for it. It needed a 24" #8, I had a 30". So I did some research to try and find a place to get the needle that is closer than ACMoore (it's a pain to get to this time of year). I came across a listing on the Berrocco website for this yarn store in Valley Stream (where I work). I put that in my mental Rolodex for a future hunt. Then I found there was a Walmart near work. So I told Dh that i wanted to go there to check it out. He had the car today due to a meeting in Brooklyn. So he came at lunchtime and picked me up and brought me to Walmart. On the way I found the yarn store I had found. I squealed and said "Ooooo I have to go there sometime!!". We get to Walmart and ugh it's the worst Walmart I've ever been to, well it's not the nicest area. They didn't have my needles. So I begged DH to take me to the LYS I saw. I was a little worried they would charge an arm and a leg for the needles since it's a small shop. I go in and it is yarn heaven. The walls have cubbies that are filled with yarn. So many different kinds! The woman was so nice, the prices were pretty reasonable (5.99 for Debbie Bliss Soho that I want in the future). My needles were 5.99 too. She told me her hours (open till 5) and that they usually stay open past closing if I needed to go there (except on Fridays which I don't blame her). She had the Daisy needles I've been checking out and I think they had some Addis which I want to try. So I told her if I wasn't on my lunch break I'd be there for hours. Plus DH was waiting for me parked illegally. I'll definitely go back there. And it's two minutes from work. I think I'll be taking a trip tomorrow! :) hehehe
I have to plug it-- (maybe if they find this I'll get a discount) lol
The Knitting Store & more
232 Rockwaway Ave
Valley Stream, NY


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