Friday, June 16, 2006

Post here from now on....

Too tough to keep up with two blogs... so I'll probably just keep posting to this one for crafty and personal stuff. So no need to wander off to my other one.

My current favorite CD's:
Brandi Carlile- a hint of Indigo Girls in her. Love it!
The Fray
KT Tunstall
Dixie Chicks new one. It really is a great CD.
and of course my Bob Schneider. (go to NOW)

Oooooo I went to see Bob in April (2nd time seeing him) and I got to meet him this time. Well I met him last time, but he only signed my Frunk (burned cd of that nights show) and I didn't have the nerve to actually say anything to him. I got all retarded and star struck. This time DH dragged me over to him after the show while he was talking to people. So when it was our turn we introduced ourselves, he shook my hand, and we chatted about his new cd and stuff. He was so nice. Do yourselves a favor and see him next time he's in your town. If you don't mind cursing and dirty lyrics (only on some songs) then you'll have a kickass time. Here is the pic of us:

Such a hottie. He's touring with Ari Hest for a few shows, but I'm pissed Ari won't be at the State Theater show. Not sure I can drive 3 hours just to see the two of them together.

I just got my hair cut while DH was away. He likes it. Funny, I like the left side, but not the right. The right side is a little too "bowl cut" for me. I like a choppy difference between the bangs and the rest of my hair. It's not horrible, but not exactly what I wanted. It's about chin length. I'll try and take some pics this weekend. It seems like every summer I chop my hair, then I grow it, then chop it again. I don't like it too long, gets too limp. I think I may try to go for the chunky highlights look. Kinda like Brandi Carlile did at one point. I can't find a good pic of it, so search yourself. :)

Bleh, found out we may be going to Clarendon Grill tomorrow. I'm so bored with that place. So many places in Arlington, but we have to keep going there? Not to mention there will be a DJ, not a band. I'm not a big fan of DJ music, I don't listen to "popular" music that much. And I don't like to dance! I'm more of a rocker/hippy chick. I like to watch bands, even if they are just cover bands. I usually know that music.

I hope we have Japanese food tonight. I can go for some Unagi Maki!

I finally got my hands on "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman. Got it from the library because I'm not buying anymore books right now. Don't need more stuff to move. Good so far, only on the third chapter.


At 2:20 PM , Blogger Rebecca said...

alrighty, i'll go ck out your guy... but you gotta ck out my guy too :D

At 2:31 PM , Blogger Rebecca said...

i went. i'm pleased! ordered a cd :D

you might also like doyle bramhall II

At 2:50 PM , Blogger Tracy said...

Oh, and a new Bob cd is coming out in August... the 9th I think. I can't freakin wait!!!


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